COVID-19 Update

Saturday, I came to work thinking we could cut numbers, sanitize even more thoroughly and be incredibly aware and careful. Today my thoughts are otherwise. It is with great trepidation that I’ve made the decision to pause studio classes. I feel it is my responsibility to take the greatest possible care of this community and the thought of being part of the continued spreading of covid -19 is something I am unwilling to do. Social distancing is the one true way we have the opportunity to make a difference. We all have loved ones that this illness could effect. Personally, my eldest daughter is a two-time cancer survivor and has undergone a stem cell transplant and my elderly mom with Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure lives with/is in my care. But, beyond my own thoughts and desires to keep my family safe and healthy, is this community. Beyond that is the welfare of this county, state, country, humanity. We can come together in a really beautiful way here…in a bigger way than I have ever witnessed. I choose to trust in God/Universe that we will all be taken care of and the greater good seen through this.

That being said, I have amazing teachers that I want to continue to support, bills that are not ceasing with this decision and a community that I will provide yoga for just in a different forum for a brief time. I am currently working towards an online format in order to keep everyone practicing and teachers working. My goal is to hold online classes at the same time as our normal schedule for all monthly members. We are trialing our first class and hope to be up and running fully with the regular schedule this week. Members will be receiving an email with directions on how to access classes soon.

Please join me in uplifting those making hard decisions that affect many. Please pray for those that are in the front lines of this – healthcare providers, public servants, those that work at grocery stores and gas stations, those that can’t choose to move to an online format. Please pray for small businesses and gyms and yoga studios and retail stores. Please choose LOVE, positivity, kindness and to look for the silver lining in all that is our current situation. We DO have a choice in how we react. We DO have a choice – the things we say and share (both verbally and via social media). I am choosing more love and kindness right now and to take this time to appreciate and be grateful for all that is good; there is so much. I hope you’ll join me.

Thank you all for your constant support.

We're Moving!

We have a new location and will be moving soon. 

Starting September 15th we will be at our new location in Maypearl. 

Join us at 217 Main St. Maypearl, TX soon!